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What happened to my high ranking search results?

All of the sudden you no longer show up anywhere close to the top! Agghh!! I NEED TO SEO MY SITE AGAIN!!

You may never know exactly why, search engines may have changed their algorithm(s) or they can no longer crawl your website, or you are not making enough noise.
Whatever the cause, we’ll assess and address it.

SEO to your website should be continuously addressed. Your website is not a Ronco Rotisserie – you can’t ‘Set it and forget it’ and rank well.

Here are some major details you should be giving attention to on your website to include in your websites SEO methods.

  1. Allow bots to crawl your site and follow links
  2. Keyword(s) should be included at the beginning of the following:
    Page Title
    Page URL
    Page Headings
    Page Paragraphs
  3. Responsive Design for all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet & mobile)
  4. Optimize each page uniquely for one keyword or topic

Regardless, if you are not putting time and effort into this area – you may as well stop expecting ANY new leads to come from search engines organic search.

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