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Websites can be as easy as writing an email with a good Content Manager! Content Management System

We may recommend, .com or Joomla, or any of the many CMS’s mentioned on  Maybe we will not recommend any of these options. A lot (most) of it will be depending on your business dynamics.

If you have noticed open source technologies are thriving on the web and the demand is growing by the minute. We may also recommend one of the Content Management Systems found at

If cost is your number one concern with your website an open source solution is a must. We know you have ideas about your website and they’re good ideas, we know they are good. What we don’t know, is what your ideas are. Please reply this this page to tell us, don’t be shy or worried about being judged falsely, we will do our best not to judge you at all.

We know websites are overwhelming, or they may seem to be. We can probably solve your website problem… probably LOL! 🙂



This resource from wordpress about content management systems related to wordpress CMS article PDF







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