simply effective, affordable website!

What more could you ask for? Special features of your site, that’s what!
Every site we have worked with has at least 1 special feature our client wants to see. Just like God created us each of us special, your website should be special!

How much does a website cost?

Typical website expenses include the following products and services
1. Planning & Development 60% (service)
2. Continuing website content 20% (service)
3. Technical Administration 8% (service)
4. Website Server 7% (product & service)
5. Security Certificate 4% (product & service)
6. Internet Address 1% (product)

Unfortunately I can’t say “your website will cost this much”, because of the dynamic nature of websites. Sure, we can make you a site for $100 that neither of us will be happy with. We don’t want you to have that kind of website. We want to be as happy with your website as you are, and if you are not happy with your website, WE are not happy with your website.

One of our goals is to make simply effective, affordable websites.

If you want to help us reach our goals, we would be honored.

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